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Guide to Yacht Slide Styles

Big Blue Charters offers unlimited entertainment with their Funair yacht water slide. We simply inflate the slide, secure it to the fly bridge and the fun begins. It’s like the ultimate adult Slip ‘n Slide, but what’s the best way to slide?


Here’s our guide to the top yacht slide styles to try on your next charter:


The Basic:

Start here if you’re new to yacht water sliding. Simply sit at the top and slide down feet first to get your confidence. Then try some more adventurous styles.

Difficulty: 1/5

Cool factor: 2/5

Wedgie likelihood: 4/5



Step it up from the basic slide to headfirst. Just like it sounds, slide down headfirst with your arms out in front of you, either on your stomach or on your back just remember to hold your breath at the bottom.

Difficulty: 2/5

Cool factor: 3/5

Wedgie likelihood: 2/5


The Centrefold:

This one involves poise… Sliding down headfirst in your best ‘centrefold’ pose, composure is everything to make this one look effortless.

Difficulty: 3/5

Cool factor: 4/5

Wedgie likelihood: 1/5 (you’re more likely to lose you swimwear!)


The Superman (or woman):

You need a bit of speed for this one, just make sure you enter the slide UNDER the safety netting and shoot down as fast as you can with one arm out in a classic Superman pose to get some airtime at the bottom.

Difficulty: 3/5

Cool factor: 3/5

Wedgie likelihood: 1/5


The Surfer:

Not for beginners: The Surfer requires you to stand up so you can ‘surf’ your way down the slide. Like catching your dream wave… from a yacht.

Difficulty: 5/5

Cool factor: 5/5

Wedgie likelihood: 3/5


Here’s to yacht sliding fun and wedgies all round!


Why not add a yacht waterslide to your next day charter? Contact us:  +61 400 099 949